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Does Vitamin D Prevent Cancer, answer… YES

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HealthBlogger Special Report – Announcing The Death Of The Genetic Theory Of Disease Transmission – 08-30-14

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HealthBlogger Special Report

Announcing The Death Of The Genetic Theory Of Disease Transmission.

“Everybody has something to teach us. It may be humility, strength, tolerance, love, prospective, health, truth, kindness… What ever it is, when they come along, it’s our job to listen” – Christopher Wiechert


Around 1979-80, I was attending a seminar put on by the National Health Federation.  It was I think my 3rd year of attending.  The key note speaker that weekend was Dr. Joel Wallach, MS, DVM, ND.  
I was very excited to hear this talk, which was titled The Cause, Prevention and Cure of Cystic Fibrosis. 
I was interested because everyone at that time knew this was a disease that was considered a genetic disease, with no cure.
The talk was electrifying, as was Dr. Wallach’s delivery. He talked for 1 and 1/2 hours, showed slides of animal’s with birth defects and supposed genetic defects, that he had reversed using trace mineral supplements, as well as mega doses of vitamins and essential fatty acids.
This information was astounding, because I had been trained that these were not preventable, or curable by anyone, up till then.  This was a major breakthrough in biochemistry.
I began to incorporate a lot of what he was teaching in my own practice, and on myself, with great results.  

Since then, he has been sued 8 times by the powers to be, including The NIH, and has won each and everyone of these law suits. He has also sued the FDA, 2 or 3 times, and also has prevailed.  
This is a man who has been published 75 times in medical and scientific journals internationally.  His book and audio tape Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, has over 150 Million copies in circulation.   

“The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs, but will interest his patients in the care and nutrition of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease“
Thomas Edison
He has a simple, but profound message:
1. It’s not just what you eat that kills you, it’s what you don’t eat!
2. Everybody needs 90 essential nutrients every day, to allow the body to heal properly and to live to our full genetic potential.  You need 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2 to 3 essential fatty acids. 
3. You can’t get most of the essential trace minerals from food anymore, because of changes in growing practices and farming methods, no matter how organic your fruits and veggies are.  The minerals have to be in the soil, for the plants to take up through their root systems, in order for them to be in the food. Plants can create vitamins, but not minerals.  Federal Document 264, on mineral depletion, 1936.
This year, Dr Wallach wrote the pinnacle of his achievements so far, containing more than 40+ years of research called Epigentics, The Death Of The Genetic Theory Of Disease Transmission

What ever your health challenge is, there is a good chance it can be conquered using this foundation of nutrients.

“A belief is just an addiction, that may or may not be true.”
Christopher Wiechert

Dr. Wallach says in this new book…
“There is not a single birth defect that is caused by genetic problems.”

“Not a single disease is caused by genes, but instead, nutritional deficiencies that cause genes to express incorrectly.”

“It’s absolutely impossible to get all the nutrients you need from a healthy diet, whether it is a Paleo Diet, a Mediterranean Diet, a totally Certified Organic Diet, etc.
You must supplement in order to insure you are getting everything you need, nutritionally.”

“Every animal and every human being, that dies of natural causes, as in not getting hit by a bus, dies from a nutritional deficiency.”

“You are the victim of the sickness industry, unless you make a conscious effort to take charge of your own health.” – Christopher Wiechert

You have heard propaganda from the news media and modern medicine, that supplements are dangerous and or a waste of money.  Today I am offering proof that this is not true.  
The rest, I am afraid is up to you!

Here are 3 videos that I highly recommend you take the time to watch.  The first one is just 9 minutes long, the second 33 minutes and the last one, the best of all, 1 hour and 15 minutes.  
If you are intrigued by either of the first 2, please take the time to watch number 3.

Food As a Cure – Dr. Joel Wallach

Resources to benefit from the ideas above
Youngevity 90 For Life Website
The Mighty 90 Supplement Pak
On The Go Healthy Starter Pak
Healthy Body Starter Pak
Christopher Wiechert,CNC is available for consultation on your health issues.  
Always see a medical doctor and get a second opinion, from a nutritionally oriented practitioner.  This is called Integrated Medicine.

The Amazing benefits of Chaga Mushroom

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Perhaps the worlds best Anti Aging Nutraceutical available today…

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Super Pill No.2 – Cutting Edge Anti-Aging Formulation…

What is a super pill?

There is a long tradition of “super pills” in the Orient. But only the rarest of the rare formulations have been called a “super pill.” A super pill is by definition a breakout formulation made from the most extraordinary materials, and that powerfully supports our health and supports one’s higher state of mind. Usually, the preparation of a super pill is in its own right an exercise of the extreme technology of the era.

What is Super Pill No.2?

Ron Teeguarden’s Super Pill No.2 is one of those rarest of the rare formulations. It is made from materials that are so rare and technologically superior that the product is virtually non-duplicable.

It is made using the most advanced nutraceutical technology in the world to assure purity, potency and efficacy. And it has been produced with naturally derived ingredients, extracted from the most powerful tonic herbs known to mankind.

Super Pill No.2 is based simultaneously on both modern and traditional principles. It is based on cutting edge scientific research in the fields of longevity, cellular biology and aging. And simultaneously it is based on the sanctified traditions of Chinese tonic herbalism, the most sophisticated herbal system in the world. It has been produced with ingredients obtained from Di Tao sources acknowledged to be the best sources of each of the herbs, and manufactured using pharmaceutical technologies and by Fingerprint Identity Transfer Technology™ (FITT™), the most advanced nutraceutical, herbal technology in the world. With FITT™, the HPLC fingerprint of the finished extract is virtually identical to the fingerprint of the freshly harvested herb.

Ron Teeguarden has developed numerous tonic formulations, most using the ultimate herbs on earth. Many could be considered “super pills,” but only one has previously received that title. But this formulation stands out, and deserves the title Super Pill No.2.

What’s in Super Pill No.2?

Super Pill No.2 is composed of three cutting edge nutraceutical compounds and five whole herb supertonic extracts (FITT™), woven together into a perfectly balanced formulation. Together, they make perfect sense in terms of the traditional Three Treasures System of Oriental herbalism, tonifying all three Treasures (JingQi and Shen), and they are powerfully adaptogenic. At the same time, their properties take full account of the major theories of aging currently recognized by researchers in the fields of aging, metabolic health and gerontology.

The ingredients:

  • Astragaloside IV (a saponin derived from Astragalus membranaceus root)
  • Total Astragalosides (the complete total saponins from Astragalus root)
  • Total Gypenosides (the complete total saponins from Gynostemma leaf)
  • Full Spectrum Gynostemma Non-Saponin Extract (the constituents of Gynostemma that are not saponins)
  • Trans-Resveratrol (Pure-Trans Resveratrol™)
  • FITT™ full-spectrum whole herb extraction of the following:

o    Astragalus root

o    Gynostemma leaf

o    Asian Ginseng root

o    Tibetan Rhodiola root

o    Polygonum multiflorum (He Shou Wu) root

 Astragaloside IV is one of the ultimate nutraceuticals developed in the world in the modern nutraceutical era. It has many functions, including most of those traditionally associated with Astragalus root. Astragalus root is one of the elite tonic herbs in Chinese herbalism. It is safe for almost everyone and is a gentle giant among tonics. It ranks alongside Ginseng as the premier Qitonic of Chinese herbalism.

Astragaloside IV is a potent immune system-modulating tonic. It has been shown in human and animal studies to support the normal, healthy functions of the immune system when consumed in the doses suggested for this formula. It has been used in Asia for over a decade and its safety has been well established. It is NOT a drug and should not be used to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate any disease. It is a dietary supplement to promote normal, healthy functions and structural integrity.

Astragaloside IV is being investigated for its function as a substance that can support the maintenance of telomere integrity. Telomeres are the end caps on chromosomes. They tend to shorten during one’s lifespan as a person naturally ages. Maintaining and supporting telomere integrity is a primary function of healthy cells.

Astragaloside IV is also being investigated (in the United States) for its ability to support normal neurological functions and structural integrity.

It has been shown in Chinese studies, where it was discovered and developed, that Astragaloside IV works significantly better when combined with other Astragalus components, including a full spectrum of Astragalosides (Total Astragalosides). For that reason, the Astragaloside IV has been extracted to 50%, so that the other 50% of the extract represents a full spectrum of other Astragalus root components. It is further blended with FITT™ Astragalus extract to assure that all components of high quality fresh Astragalus are present.

Ron Teeguarden has been working on bringing an Astragaloside IV product to market since 1994. The original work was done at China Pharmaceutical University and Ron’s company purchased the rights to that research, and financially supported further Astragaloside research. Due to cost issues of producing a refined Astragaloside IV product at that time, the project has been on hold until recently. Dragon Herbs is extremely pleased to be bringing this incredible material to market in a “super pill” format.

Gypenosides are the main active constituents of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, one of the premier antiaging herbs used in Chinese herbalism. The 99% pure Gypenosides would be the richest possible source of Gypenoside XLIX, believed to be the most potent component of Gynostemma.

Gypenoside XLIX has been demonstrated to support modulatory processes of the Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFкB) a transcription factor found in all cells of the human body.

Morinda is an excellent Yang essence tonic.  It is used in superior tonic formulas for strengthening the body.  It is widely used in primal essence formulations, often as the main ingredient. It is also considered in Chinese traditional health care to to support the heart function by improving circulation.  It is a superb athlete’s herb and ranks among the most important Qi and Blood vitalizing herbs of the tonic system. It is likewise considered a major tonic herb and is a regular ingredient in Taoist formulations.

Super-Pill No.2 also contains the full-spectrum powdered non-saponin extract of Gynostemma. That means that all the other beneficial components of Gynostemma are present in this formulation.

Gynostemma is one of the most popular tonic herbs in the world and this product contains the most potent form, being a blend of FITT™ full spectrum extract and pure Gypenosides.

Trans-Resveratrol is one of the most popular and well-studied nutraceuticals in the world today. It is a polyphenol molecule found naturally in many plant species including grapes, peanuts, cranberries, Polygonum cuspidatum (a Chinese herbs that is not He Shou Wu) and others. Polyphenols are common in the human diet (at least among those who eat a healthy diet), where they act as antioxidants.

Trans-Resveratrol exerts anti-aging effects in animals. Nothing has been proven in humans as far as longevity is concerned. Numerous studies have shown resveratrol has potent antioxidant effects in humans, supports vascular endothelial function and normal lipid metabolism. It appears that resveratrol has numerous mechanisms by which it exerts its effects on the human body.

Like the Gypenosides, Trans-Resveratrol, the form of Resveratrol that has shown health-related functionality, modulates NFкB signaling, which in turn decreases some transcription of DNA and regulates cytokine expression. Resveratrol plays a powerful supportive role in immune regulation by modulating (supporting normal balance of) the secretion of numerous cytokines.

Trans-Resveratrol is being widely investigated for its proposed ability to support normal healthy blood flow, sometimes referred to as “cerebral sufficiency.” Cerebral blood flow is an important component of cognitive function. Human studies have shown that Trans-Resveratrol supports blood circulation in a dose dependent manner.

Current research indicates that a daily dosage in humans of 200 – 400 mg of trans-resveratrol can support immune and liver functions.

Astragaloside IV, Total Astragalosides, Total Gypenosides and Trans-Resveratrol work synergistically together to support immune functions in the body and to support normal cellular activities and functions.  Dragon Herbs Website.

I personally take this formula myself, at 1 cap twice a day, breakfast & dinner, and recommend it highly.

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Introducing The 8 Immortals

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Introducing The 8 Immortals…

Eight Immortals is a supertonic antiaging formulation of the highest order. All of the herbs in this extraordinary tincture have antiaging, immune strengthening, spirit lifting, mind strengthening qualities. This is the ultimate example of an adaptogenic herbal supplement. It is composed of eight of the elite tonic herbs, and all of the herbs used are super-premium grade, far beyond conventional commercial grade – in fact, most of the herbs are wild harvested in the remote mountains where they gained their reputations over many centuries. A few are the best cultivated or cultured variety available in the world. The product is named in honor of the “eight immortals,” eight Taoist adepts who were said to have achieved immortality. All of them are associated with tonic herbs.

The wild Ginseng comes from Changbai Mountain, the 65 million year original source of Ginseng. All roots are at least thirteen years old, meaning the roots have achieved immortality (the genetic “death domain” has shut down). The Reishi used is also from Changbai Mountain and is also collected wild from the ancient forest. Wild Reishi has traditionally been known as the “mushroom of immortality.” Wild American Ginseng has been part of Chinese herbalism for over six hundred years. We use only immortalized roots from the Catskill Mountains, the favored choice of Asian Ginseng connoisseurs. Eight Immortals also contains the herb known as the “quintessence of Chinese tonic herbs,” Wild Schizandra from the remote and pristine forests of Changbai Mountain. This Schizandra is not cultivated or collected at low elevation. It is the real deal, the same Schizandra consumed by Taoist hermits for thousands of years as an elixir of immortality. This Wild Schizandra imbues mental, physical and psychic power, preserves youthfulness and robust inner power. Wild Snow Lotus is collected above the snow line of Tibet. The white flower blooms just once every five years at altitudes above 18,000 feet. It is one of the three herbal treasures of the Himalayas (along with Cordyceps and Rhodiola, also in this formula). It is a powerful adaptogen and superb cleansing tonic. Tibetan Rhodiola is collected likewise from above the snowline of the Himalayas. The red aromatic root is one of the world’s most powerful adaptogens and has many powerful tonic properties. Wild He Shou Wu, from the mountains of Yunnan, is one of the most famous tonic herbs in the world.

The Duanwood Reishi (organically grown on Duanwood logs in the high mountains on mountain water), Heaven Mountain Goji (grown on glacial melt), organically grown Cordyceps fruiting bodies and are the best you can buy of each of these herbs. All of them have potent antiaging properties.

The herbs combine to build the body’s and mind’s ability to resist stress and overcome challenges on both a short term and long term basis. The herbs have a profound influence on the quality of the skin, mind and vitality.

Order it here –

Christopher Wiechert, CNC


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